BCBA® Exam
Practice & Preparation (5th Edition)

Our BCBA® practice exams and preparation resources have a reputation for being challenging and helping to prepare you for the “real” exam. Mastering our tests means that you’re prepared for the exam. We are dedicated to making our tests comparable to the BCBA® exam, in order to increase generalization of your test-taking skills to the testing environment! 

We now have all the 5th edition materials you’ll need in order to practice your skills and pass this BEAST!

All you need ... Guaranteed
First, meet with Amy for a 30-minute individual session by Zoom (unless you'd rather not). We'll acquaint you with the materials, and develop an individualized test-taking skills strategy and study plan. 
"Task List Review" exclusively for "All you need" purchasers. Just like it sounds, we'll review the task list from top to bottom. These are live, small-group sessions. They are recorded, too. These will be Tuesday/Thursday at 2-3 PACIFIC TIME.
BCBA®/BCaBA® 5th ed. Task List Video training included (Sections A-I). About 9 1/2 hours.
All of our "regular" mini-mock exams, by task list section (always explanations)
Our "mixed" mini-mocks. 100 questions from randomized task list sections.
2 full mock exams total, with explanations for every question AND every answer.
Downloadable/printable study guide. Over 200 pages.
If you don't pass, we'll give you a tutoring session and continued materials access, unless you'd like a refund. (see guarantee details)
Access for an entire year.
Break Down the BEAST! You get access to any and all of our live and recorded breakdown sessions. New questions every time. Over 350 questions to review, at the time of this writing.
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More of a good thing
BCBA®/BCaBA® Video Training included. 9 1/2 hours of task list review with examples.
9 "Mini-mock" exams also included (25-question quizzes in each task list section). Always explanations for every answer. Shoot for an 80%.
2 full mock exams; explanations for all questions
An entire year access.
5th Edition Materials
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Guarantee details (for ``All you need, guaranteed`` only).

Complete the materials within the package in order to qualify for the guarantee. There is no minimum score requirement. It also doesn't take 100+ hours to complete (cough, cough, BDS, cough).
If you don't pass this test cycle, we're still here to help. Within 10-days of your test result, you choose:
1) Receive continued access to BAS materials, ongoing webinars and support. Also,
email to schedule a free tutoring session. It can be frustrating, disheartening and expensive, we know. Let us help you know what to do next.
2) Receive a full refund of your money-back purchase (-3% Paypal fees if over 180 since purchase).

Full mock exam packages.

Choose 2 exams and our mini-mocks, or just two full mock exams together. You’ll get 30-days access, complete with explanations for every answer. If these interest you, check out our money-back guaranteed packages, too.

5th Edition Mock Exams

These 185-question exams always come with thorough explanations – not just for the correct answer – but for all options. We want you to know why that one answer is right and the “other” answers are less so. Questions are provided in the same approximate proportion by task list section as the “real deal.” We pride ourselves on creating difficult exams, so shoot for a 70% to know that you are “on par” to pass the BACB® exams. You’ll have 3 options for taking the test: timed, untimed w/immediate feedback and timed w/feedback at the end.

"Mini-mocks" (5th edition)

These are all 9 of our 25-question “mini” tests: one for each task list section. As always, explanations for every answer, too. These are a little more fun, as they take less than 30 minutes. Shoot for an 80%.

Video training and study guide (5th edition)

The videos offer clear explanations of task list A-I + the ethical code with examples and questions for you to ponder. our study guide is now over 200 pages, including explanations and examples.

Break down the BEAST!

Break down questions and answers in this 4-hour marathon over Zoom. Almost everyone can narrow the answers down to the best two. How do you choose from these? We’ll show you what to look for and how to choose. It’s not just knowing the definitions or even larger concepts. If you can explain why an answer best fits the question/scenario and why the others don’t, you will pass. This is what we want for you and we continue to support you in developing this skill. Join us this once, or we’ll be trying this twice a month with brand new questions. So, consider our “All you need“ package which includes these webinars (and the previous recordings). After you purchase, you’ll create an account and receive access to the course. In it, you’ll see an information sheet with the date, time and Zoom link to join. This course will also be where we post the recording for you to view later. We’ll review approximately 45 questions.

Exams 1 & 2 (30-day access)


Use Exams #1 and #2 to study, practice and learn. You can take each exam in one of three formats: feedback withheld until the end of the test (untimed), immediate feedback after answering a question and a timed version. For longer access and a guarantee, look at our money-back packages.

5th Edition Exam #1 (30-day access)


Our first 5th edition mock exam comes with a few extras. First, there are 185 questions instead of 160. This is what test-takers will now see on the “real deal.“ You’ll also get three different versions of this mock. You can take it the “regular“ way by getting your score and review of explanations at the end of test, or immediately after answering each question or a timed version. You choose.

5th Edition Exam #2 (30-day access)


This is the 2nd of our 5th edition mock exams. It also comes with 185 questions instead of 160. This is what test-takers will now see on the “real deal.“ You’ll also get three different versions of this mock. You can take it the “regular“ way by getting your score and review of explanations at the end of test, or immediately after answering each question or a timed version. You choose.

Set of 5th edition mini-mocks (30-day access)


13 mini-mocks in one bundle. One 25-question mini-mock for each section A through I. 25 questions in A, 25 in B, 25 in C, etc. Then, we’ve added 4 more “mixed” mini-mocks. For these, you won’t know the task list section – which tends to make it a little bit harder. As always, make sure that you review the answers and explanations.

Review, practice, pass


A thorough video review of the 5th edition task list, using scenarios, examples and provocative questions. This really makes you think about each task list item, as you add to your fluency. The videos are about 9.5 hours, total. These are included in our money-back guaranteed packages, but it stands alone just fine.

5th Edition Study Guide Sample

Practice Exam 3

5th Edition Study Guide (220+ pages)


Study Guide, 5th Edition: Our downloadable/printable 220+ page study guide is popular with those of us “old schoolers“ who like to write notes all over the page. A plethora of definitions and examples are presented. We encourage you to develop your own examples after reading through ours.

Break down the BEAST! April 30th, 2022


Break down the BEAST! May 14th, 2022


Break down the BEAST! May 28th, 2022


Break down the BEAST! June 11th, 2022


Break down the BEAST! June 25th, 2022