BCBA®/BCaBA® Exam Skills Webinars

    Tuesdays from 5-6:30, Pacific Time (January 15th through February 12th)


  • Meet by Zoom video conference (you’ll get a link after purchase)

  • Review strategies for breaking down the questions

  • Find that ONE correct answer and weed out the rest

  • Know why THIS answer is better than THAT one

  • Join us once or all 5 weeks, same low price

  • Ask questions during and after meeting. We’re here for you.

Meeting Agenda: 

  1. First, we’ll review some ways to approach test questions
  2. Then, I’ll model breaking them down in various ways in order to arrive at that ONE correct answer
  3. Next, we’ll talk about how you can spot the correct answer from the choices given
  4. Finally, we’ll summarize and I’ll send participants a short quiz to practice their skills each week.


Exam skills webinars
Price: $30.00