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Task List Review - Video Training
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Video Training

  • Web-based, user-friendly format. Access anytime.
  • Save and resume your training. Proceed at your own pace.
  • Learn to focus your studying on what’s important
  • Practice applying concepts to scenarios – and use this in future practice
  • 14 hours of ABA fun and excitement!
  • Buy our video training or training-plus-exams back and your purchase is guaranteed. You pass the “real” exam or your money back.
  • Purchase allows 6 months access.
  • 87% pass rate (based on refund percentage)
  • Feel free to contact us at: info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com

     Guarantee details:

  1. Complete the materials within the package you purchased, either videos-only or videos and mock exams.
  2. Pass the BCBA®/BCaBA® exams or we’ll refund whatever you spent on either guaranteed package above.
  3. Simply e-mail us your score report at info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com
  4. Apply for a refund within 180 days from purchase.

A note on our mock exams

  • You may take all of our tests twice, in order to master content. After that, test-takers begin to memorize the questions.
  • All of our questions come with detailed explanations of the answers.
  • We are told that our tests are challenging and that they help prepare you for the real exam. Given our record, if you can master our tests, you ARE prepared.
  • We continue to update and improve our tests and your experience to make them the best. Compare our tests and what we offer to any others. Especially, the content, scenario-based questions, corrective feedback, ability to get any other questions answered and ease of use.
  • Feel free to contact us at: info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com

E-mail us at info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com


Choose what’s right for you. Cost savings over buying products individually.

The Kitchen Sink - A lot of everything
Price: $425.00
Screaming Deal - First 2 full exams and all the mini-mocks
Price: $225.00
Both Exam #1 and Exam #2
Price: $150.00
The Extra Mile
Price: $225.00
Take it to the limit
Price: $300.00
Every Mini-Mock: All for one lower price
Price: $125.00

Full Mock Exams:

These are 160-question tests that will challenge you. Questions are completely different from one another. Two tests are web-based, while our audio mock is downloadable.

Practice Exam/Training #1
Price: $90.00
Exam #2 (Timed Test)
Price: $90.00
BCBA Exam #3
Price: $90.00
BCBA Exam #4
Price: $90.00
Audio Mock Exam
Price: $80.00


These 20-25 question tests specifically address a section of the BACB task list. Buy them individually or as a package.

Every Mini-Mock: All for one lower price
Price: $125.00
Section A: Measurement
Price: $10.00
Section B: Experimental Design
Price: $10.00
Section D (part 1): Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change
Price: $10.00
Section D (part 2): Fundamental Elements of Behavior Change
Price: $10.00
Section E: Specific Behavior-Change Procedures
Price: $10.00
Section F: Behavior-Change Systems
Price: $10.00
Section G: Identification of the Problem
Price: $10.00
Section H: Measurement
Price: $10.00
Section I: Assessment
Price: $10.00
Section J (part 1): Intervention
Price: $10.00
Section J (part 2): Intervention
Price: $10.00
Section K: Implementation, Management & Supervision
Price: $10.00
Negation: Master these pesky questions
Price: $10.00
Price: $10.00

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Study Guide, 4th Edition Task List
Price: $75.00
Study Guide Sample
Study Guide Sample
Here's a free sample of our 97+page, 4th Edition Task List study guide.
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