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Kevin Van Laeken M.S., BCBA

After working as a School Psychologist for 19 years, Kevin now serves as a behavioral consultant to local schools, families, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. Kevin has served students from preschool through the age of 22. As a strong advocate for ABA, Kevin enjoys working with future BCBAs and developing products to help them reach that endeavor. Current projects include supervising those seeking BCBA certification and disseminating ABA to anyone willing to listen.
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Amy S. Cambou M.A.T., BCBA

After 20 years as an educator, Amy's experience ranges from dealing with teen student issues to targeting behaviors of elementary school pupils. Seeing the world through the lens of Applied Behavior Analysis, Amy is passionate about helping others reach beyond their current repertoires. She is an effective communicator and consultant to parent groups, administrators and students alike. Her areas of interest include ethics and professional behavior, exam preparation and positive behavior supports.

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Lauren is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Alumni of California State University Sacramento State University. She has a diverse set of experiences ranging from managing mental health outreach to working with children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is passionate about applying ABA in a professional setting along with helping others understand and apply the principles of ABA in order to pass the BACB's exam and become Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Eleyonzettah E. Bonilla M.S,CCC-SLP/BCBA

As a multi-lingual ( English, Spanish, French, ASL ) speech-language pathologist and BCBA in private practice, Eleyonzettah is passionate about working with neurodiverse adults and children. Her double masters in communicative disorders and psychology has strengthened her passion and innovation for providing specialized ABA therapeutic services for neurodiverse adults and children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia and executive function disorder. Eleyonzettah loves explaining ABA concepts in creative and unforgettable ways! She is passionate about helping multiple test takers put confidence back into their exam prep repertoire.

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