RBT® Exam
Practice & Preparation

RBT® Exam Prep can help you pass the BACB®‘s RBT® exam. If you have completed your 40-hour training program and are eligible to sit for the RBT® exam, these are the tools for you. Our tests and study guide are based on the BACB®’s RBT® Task List, 2nd edition. 
RBT® Package
Downloadable study guide based on the RBT® Task List, 2.0
Practice exam #1 (untimed)
Practice exam #2 (timed)
Take each test twice
Immediate full reports
Web-based test environment
Question explanations
Access materials for 90 days
Pass exam or money-back

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The overall pass rate for our money-back guaranteed customers goes to show there is value in our product. (Based on customer refund rate)

Guarantee Details

Complete the materials within the package you purchased. Pass the BCBA®/BCaBA® exams or we’ll refund whatever you spent on either guaranteed package above. To request a refund simply e-mail us your score report at info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com within 90 days from purchase.
RBT® Exam Prep

Full mock exams

These are 85-question tests that will challenge you. Questions are completely different from one another. The two tests are web-based, while our study guide (based on the RBT® Task List, 2.0) is downloadable.
RBT Practice Exam

RBT® Practice Exam 1 (30-day access)


This practice exam is designed specifically for those seeking the registered behavior technician (RBT®) credential. This test, like our others, is proportional to the ``real`` exam's content and number of questions (85). Get ready to take the ``real thing`` by giving our exam a go (or two). You can save and resume. Complete whenever you have time.

RBT Practice Exam

RBT Practice Exam 2 (30-day access)


This test is also proportional to the ``real`` exam's content and number of questions (85), but for this one, you'll have 90 minutes to complete the test - just like the real exam. Get ready to take the RBT exam in the same time and format. You may save and resume this test, and the timer will begin where you left off.

Study materials

This 38-page+ guide follows the RBT® Task List (2nd edition) as an outline and gives you definitions and examples of everything you'll need to know to feel confident about the RBT® exam. It is in .pdf format If you'd like to purchase MULTIPLE packages or study guides, please contact us at info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com

RBT® Task List Study Guide, 2nd Edition