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RBT® Exam preparation & practice

RBT® Exam Prep can help you pass the BACB®‘s RBT® exam. If you have completed your 40-hour training program and are eligible to sit for the RBT® exam, these are the tools for you. Our tests and study guide are based on the BACB®’s RBT® Task List, 2nd edition. 
RBT® Package
Downloadable study guide based on the RBT® Task List, 2.0
Guided video exam review (approximately two hours). Learn how to identify correct/incorrect answers on the test.
Practice exam #1 (untimed)
Practice exam #2 (timed)
Review your performance by RBT® Task List section and explanations for every question.
Web-based, secure test environment in your account
Access materials for 6 months (180 days)
Pass the BACB® RBT® exam or get your money-back (see details)
About 5 hours to complete. 5 additional study hours recommended.

Overall pass rate

The overall pass rate for our money-back guaranteed customers goes to show there is value in our product. (Based on customer refund rate)

Guarantee Details

Complete the materials within the package you purchased. Pass the RBT® exam after you complete our course, or we’ll refund your purchase (minus about 3% transaction fees). If you'd like to keep your access to the materials instead, we'll meet with you for a tutoring session. Refunds are offered for 180 days from purchase.
RBT® Exam Prep