Money-back guaranteed RBT® 40-Hour Training Course. $99

This course is a necessary step in becoming a registered behavior technician with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB®). Here, you can get your RBT® 40-Hour Training Certificate. Behavior Analyst Supervisor, Inc (BAS) is an approved continuing education provider of the BACB® (OP-14-2483).


About this course

BAS, Inc. is a BACB®-Approved Continuing Education Provider. Our content videos follow the RBT® Task List 2.0 and most recent code of ethics. Two full practice exams are included, along with explanations for every answer (not just the correct ones). We offer a web-based, secure test environment for your account. Access materials for 6 months (180 days).


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Pass the BACB® RBT® exam, or your money back (within one week of failing). If you don’t pass the first time, we offer a tutoring session to get you on-track, instead of a refund.


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We are devoted to helping you not only pass, but to understand how behavior change actually works. Reach out anytime with questions:

8-Hour BCBA®/BCaBA® Supervision Training (2.0)

RBT® Exam Study Package (for those who have already taken the 40-hour training, only) $49

If you’ve already taken a 40-hour training, but just want some help in passing your exam, we have a course for you. This includes videos and two full mock exams (with explanations). This product is also guaranteed. 

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Our core values are honesty, integrity, great customer service, and trust with our clients.  At the end of the day, we want what’s best for you. 

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Our courses are entirely online. As long as you have internet access, you can complete your course from anywhere.


All the modules are laid out in approximate 10-minute increments. Complete as many as you'd like in one session.

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Call or contact us anytime. or 530-227-2883.


What Our Clients Say?

Hello everyone, I passed the exam on my First attempt, just because of BAS, I used “All You Need Guaranteed” program, it is exactly what you need, I learned a lot throughout the boot camps, breaking down the beast, the study guide, mock exams and zoom sessions
Nadadja Hernandez
I am so grateful for the BAS Team and the study materials. I purchased the All You Need, Guaranteed package. It's worth the investment.Catch the entire team on their YouTube channel, but I'm telling you, buy buy buy! They are so knowledgeable. I also got to meet Meiko during my intro Zoom. He was so patient with my million questions. THANK YOU BAS!!! I
Angeletta Giles
BAS was extremely helpful for my exam prep! There was a ton of content to select from … mocks, video recordings, and zoom sessions every week. I was even able to set up time with a tutor and get pretty fast feedback when emailing Kevin with questions. My favorite part of the BAS package were the Break Down the Beast recordings which provided lots of test taking strategies!
Suzie B
I spent thousands on other companies and I felt like something was missing because the information was not clicking. I used BAS to study for my BCBA exam along with attending their bootcamps and this is what brought everything together. I am now officially a BCBA! I passed because of BAS
I can't stress this enough, but BAS is definitely going to help you in passing this beast! Kevin, Amy, and Meiko always try their best to help solve the queries. They are super easy to be reached, always available to help and clarify the confusions.
The “all you need-guarantee” really is all you need and the only study prep purchase I made. The study guide, lectures, mini/full mock exams, zoom recordings, and break down the beast ALL were super helpful. Thanks BAS team!
Lauren Salazar


Most frequent questions and answers

Once you meet the requirements , go to There, you’ll click on the “My Account” button in the upper right corner and create an account.

You can then click on the “Certification Applications” tab.

You must be able to meet all of these requirements before applying to the BACB®

You can’t complete the training faster than over 5 full days. You also have to complete at least 40 hours of training. Once you start the training, you have to finish in 180 days. 

The BACB website at is your best resource. Download the RBT Handbook there to read more or contact us at

Our guarantee is that after taking our course, you will pass the RBT® Exam. If you don’t, you have two options: 1) Contact us within 7 days of failing for a full refund, OR 2) Continue your materials access and get a free tutoring session. We’ll identify areas of deficiency and give you a concrete set of ideas to move forward and pass on your next attempt.

You can look on your state’s educational job listing site (in California, visit, Indeed, or similar job-posting sites, and contacting school districts or ABA clinics in your area.

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