All You Need, Guaranteed

First, meet with Meiko for a 30-minute individual session by Zoom (unless you’d rather not). We’ll acquaint you with the materials, and develop an individualized test-taking skills strategy and study plan. 

“Task List Review” exclusively for “All you need” purchasers. Just like it sounds, we’ll review the task list from top to bottom. These are live, small-group sessions. They are recorded, too. These will be Tuesday/Thursday at 2-3 PACIFIC TIME.

BCBA®/BCaBA® 5th ed. Task List Video training included (Sections A-I). About 9 1/2 hours.

All of our “regular” mini-mock exams, by task list section (always explanations)

Our “mixed” mini-mocks. 100 questions from randomized task list sections.

4 full mock exams total, with explanations for every question AND every answer.

Audio Mock! A 100-question audio file for you fun and enjoyment.

Downloadable/printable study guide. Over 200 pages.

If you don’t pass, we’ll give you a tutoring session and continued materials access, unless you’d like a refund. (see guarantee details)

Access for an entire year.

Break Down the BEAST! You get access to any and all of our live and recorded breakdown sessions. Over 1000 questions to review, at the time of this writing. Really “get in there” and understand how to break questions down thoroughly.

Task List Marathon Weekends: In a 12-hour marathon, we go through the task list. Crazy.

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