Why try tutoring?

You need to be able to explain these concepts and the choices that the test gives you. You need to be able to tell someone – anyone – how you know that you are right and that the “other” answers are wrong. In short, you need feedback. Talk to your supervisor, study buddy, mentor, etc. If you don’t have these or want another perspective, try a session or two.

What does a tutoring session look like?

Individual tutoring sessions with one of our BCBA® tutors is $75/hour. Purchase just an hour at a time – no obligation for more. Tutoring is  individualized, but generally consists of reviewing test-taking strategies and applying those strategies to questions. We like to break them down together and offer you some individualized strategies that you can use to tackle whatever questions you come across. We can do groups, upon request at $35/hour/person.  If a more thorough review is needed, or you have specific areas you would like to focus on, just let us know and our BCBA’s can individualize your session to your needs!

General strategies include:

  • Read each sentence with an eye to what it’s communicating
  • Summarize the whole scenario/problem/issue in your own words
  • Keep the question in mind
  • Systematically find the best answer and click it (anchor)

Of course, everyone is different. Some of you may recognize these common issues…

  • Taking too much time
  • Reading too fast
  • Overthinking
  • Rigid “Black or white” thinking
  • Lack of confidence
  • Making assumptions
  • Choosing the “second best”answer

How do I sign up?

Just reach out to info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com and we will schedule what you need!

***Our tutors may record sessions in order to evaluate quality control among tutors.