Date(s) - May 25, 2024
8:00 am - 12:00 pm


Exclusive to “All you need” purchasers:

Our live session review is a continuous romp through the entire task list. We started at the top, and roll on through until the end and then begin again. There’s no beginning and no end. The benefit of this is that you can jump in at any time, without having to wait until a cohort starts. The drawback, of course, is that we can’t get through the entire task list in just a few one-hour sessions. So, we offer plenty of opportunity to answer any questions that you may have, both during the live sessions and by email. We also record the sessions, if you want to watch any other parts of the task list that isn’t currently being covered. The feel of these sessions is casual and intimate; we want you to feel free to chime in with questions, comments, examples, etc. If you’re looking for a review of mock exam questions, that’s the main purpose of our “Break down the BEAST!” sessions. So, check those out. Our main goal is to have you understand the material so well, that the exam is a breeze, and we’d like to give you every opportunity to learn. Contact us at info@behavioranalystsupervisor.com with anything. Thanks.